About us!


The Genesis of Voice of People could be stressed in the dedicated, innovative and experimental efforts in the late eighties of some Path-finders of ‘Development’ under the leadership of Lt. Swapan Basu Mallick, who was associated with State Resource Centre for Adult & Continuing Education, West Bengal. The culture of questioning among the learners as well as functionaries help to develop the tempo of Literacy movement both for adult learners and non-school going and out-of-school children and children in distress and made it unique experiment of learning centre for both the children and adult leading towards action programmes to nourish the Grassroots initiatives, where the culture of silence has found out not meaningless and even their limited voice and analysis have definite meaning in the context of their lives.


VOP envision a healthy, empowered, environmentally protected society, promoting social issues for behavioural change, health and consumer protection.


• Enable community mechanisms to manage common resources and needs. .

• Enable community people especially women and children to access health care facilities..

  • • Inclusion of excluded and their entitlement in all Development activities/programmes.


To work for advocacy and social behavioral change.

  • To work for protection of Consumer rights for the interest of public.

  • To identify with and serve the disprivileged sections of Society by means of livelihood development programme.

  • To promote Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy for the general public, especially for the children.

  • To work for environment related programmes to protect environment and nature from environmental hazards..  

Brief Information

  • Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961, Regn. No.-S/50526 of 1985 – 1986/ Date- 04/01/1986
  • Exempted under 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act
  • Registered under FCRA of Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Registered in NGO Darpan Portal, Unique ID- WB/2009/0019223

  • Registered for undertaking CSR activities in Form 1 of MCA, Registration number is CSR00002774